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Alberto Lanciotti

The story that created a future

Lancio shoe factory was established in 1976 by the inspiration of the current owner Alberto Lanciotti who, as a young man, is attracted, or perhaps seduced, by the world of fashion and men's footwear.

Tradition, creativity and passion have always been the core elements of this company that unites its arts to the Luxury of Made in Italy.
The artistry, the careful choice of materials and the great ability and skill of the shoemakers have always been the most precious secret of Lancio, putting the comfort and beauty of the shoe at the center of their business. The careful search for style and detail, the direct approach to customer needs, but above all the knowledge that the shoe has a fundamental role in human health, has led to the evolution of the product in terms of quality and safety.

The company having grown and been enriched by the second generation, while remaining a family business, came gradually to emerge in key international markets, initially in those of northern Europe and North America, but is now recognized and appreciated all over the world.



The territory that welcome us

Lancio shoe factory is set in Montegranaro, a small town of only 13 000 inhabitants in the heart of the Marche region, surrounded by the hills and near the sea.
The tradition is now part of the territory itself and Montegranaro has been proof of it for multiple generations. Shoe factories and specialized companies grew to help face any needs that the fashion world, always evolving, demands.
Tanneries, sole manufacturers, shoelace factories, production companies and ancillary supplies, as well as artisans specialized in specific and different processing stages of the shoe, creating a harmonious whole that links tradition, efficiency and innovation.
For this reason, the district of the Fermo province is proud of its historical roots and international reputation.