Shoes are our passion, for this our company also offers an excellent and convenient shoe repair / renewal service, performed with great skills and professionalism.
Each process is done by us with painstaking care and craftsmanship, we repair all types of footwear, Classic shoes, Goodyear stitching, boat shoes, mountain boots, boots and ankle boots, sneakers, Blake and Blake rapid stitching . We carry out complete replacement of the sole, change of sole from leather to rubber and vice versa, complete cleaning of the leather and subsequent application of waxes on the upper, welts and heels, colour changes, repair of scratches and tears.
Whether for aesthetics or convenience, if you have shoes that you are particularly fond of, but that need to be restored to their original beauty, you can rely on our shoe factory. Lancio provides free advice and assistance, so you can make the right choice about your shoes.

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